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At Beleza by Z, we’re not only about selling beauty products, we’re also about health and environmental well-being by reducing the amount of plastic waste created by the beauty industry. According to Phys.org: https://phys.org/news/2017-12-truth-bioplastics.html, "The world has produced over nine billion tons of plastic since the 1950s. 165 million tons of it have trashed our ocean, with almost 9 million more tons entering the oceans each year. Since only about 9 percent of plastic gets recycled, much of the rest pollutes the environment or sits in landfills, where it can take up to 500 years to decompose while leaching toxic chemicals into the ground".


Traditional plastic is made from petroleum-based raw materials. Some say bioplastics—made from 20 percent or more of renewable materials—could be the solution to plastic pollution. The often-cited advantages of bioplastic are reduced use of fossil fuel resources, a smaller carbon footprint, and faster decomposition. Bioplastic is also less toxic and does not contain bisphenol A (BPA), a hormone disrupter that is often found in traditional plastics. Our lip gloss tubes use bioplastic material. 

However, glass is king when packaging any cosmetic formulation, especially natural skin care which has a shorter shelf life than mass produced skin care! Did you know that glass packaging reduces the amount of oxidation relative to plastic containers? That’s another compelling reason why most of our packaging is made of glass!

Unlike plastic which takes centuries to decompose in our landfills and leak harmful chemicals into your products, glass is made from silica (a.k.a. sand), which is one of the oldest and most natural processes. Glass is also 100% recyclable so please CHOOSE GLASS PACKAGING and recycle your bottles!


We’re also hard core about hygiene. Every time you dip your fingers into a jar, you contaminate your product even if you wash your hands or use the “special” spatula that comes with some jar-packaged products.

Jars also encourage faster oxidation because they expose the formula to air and light with every use, which cause the product to be less effective or go rancid. 


Depending on ingredients, clear packaging does not protect the formula from exposure to light, which speeds up oxidation. From a chemistry stand point, oxidation refers to the process in which a compound loses electrons. Not only can this decrease an ingredient’s potency (think vitamin C, vitamin A, etc.), but it may even change it into something else!

At best, a product that has oxidized will simply be less effective, but at worst it may be harmful to your skin! For example, applying oxidized vitamin C products can cause blackheads, which are actually oxidized sebum! Rancid oils can also do this. In fact, they can accelerate the release of free radicals onto your skin.  Free radicals are reactive molecular fragments that cause damage to DNA, proteins and other parts of cells.  In other words, they accelerate your skin’s aging process! We challenge you to go check your vitamin C serum. If you notice it has changed to a brownish color, it has oxidized and it's time to consider trying our Antioxidant 'C' Powder: https://belezabyz.com/products/brazilian-antioxidant-c-powder.

From the meaning of our brand name, our choice of ingredients, the pH of each formula, to our opaque all-glass packaging... everything is a precise, educated, and sustainable decision at Beleza by Z. 

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