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Cream for anti-redness and healthy skin
Maracuja fruit extract to calm redness and irritation
Moisturizing cream with fruit extract and prebiotics
Essential Ceramide Moisturizer Cream for anti-redness and healthy skin

Essential Ceramide Moisturizer Cream

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This centella asiatica extract based moisturizing cream made with tasmannia lancelota (pepper berry) fruit extract is designed to calm redness and irritation while mattifying excess oil, locking-in moisture, and strengthening the skin’s protective barrier with essential ceramides, pre and probiotics, niacinamide, beta glucan, and zinc oxide.  A fantastic solution for compromised skin and a must have if you travel by air or live in a dry climate area.

  • Prevents transepidermal water loss by locking in moisture 
  • Anti-redness 
  • Mattifies excess oil 
  • Promotes a healthy skin barrier function