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Meet Z

A pioneer in holistic luxury skincare, Zameera Reyes is a Texas licensed aesthetician and the chief research & developer of Beleza by Z. She has spent over a decade practicing and perfecting her craft in the beauty and wellness industry. Combining her in-clinic aesthetics experience with a knowledge of cosmetic chemistry, she realized most personal care products marketed to women are made with fragrance, essential oils, phenoxyethanol, and other endocrine disruptors which may be unsafe during pregnancy and breastfeeding, or that can worsen inflammatory skin conditions. After struggling with her own compromised skin barrier due to psoriasis, she also struggled to find cosmetics that were in alignment with her standards of efficacy, craftsmanship, and sustainability. So she became passionate about manufacturing beauty solutions for herself and for anyone seeking to minimize their beauty routine while also reducing exposure to potential irritants and toxins in cosmetics.

Our Mission

We are committed to reducing the exposure to environmental toxins in beauty products by creating holistic beauty products that can help you and our environment to thrive!

Thoughtfully Developed

We prioritize ancient wisdom and ingredients that are good for the skin and kind to the environment. Our "nose-to-tail" manufacturing approach aims to use all parts of an animal so that nothing goes to waste. We believe in combining sustainable ingredients such as grass-fed beef tallow, carmine, beeswax, and a natural fermentation process in our beauty products.

Our eco-friendly packaging boasts elegance with fine porcelain and bamboo, including pump dispensers instead of jars (to minimize cross-contamination). Each product is meticulously created in small batches, never private labeled, and we handle every step of the process from formulation to shipping.

I’ve tried sooo many brands of lipstick and this lipstick is now my favorite. I alternate between Down-to-Earth and Independent, and I'm obsessed! It's so good on my lips since this is like a super pigmented lip balm that keeps my lips moist for hours. Will try more colors."

Claudia S.
Customer Testimonial

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