High-performance Botanical Skin Care Developed by a Licensed Aesthetician


Hello and welcome to our site!  In case you're wondering what Beleza by Z means, here are some details about our brand.  In Brazilian Portuguese, the word Beleza literally means beauty.  Our company's mission is to help you achieve and maintain a healthy skin barrier to preserve the beauty of your skin with gentle and effective plant-based products. Our staple ingredients provide long-term beauty solutions without triggering inflammatory skin conditions such as rosacea, eczema, acne, or dermatitis. 
Conventional brands often capitalize on quick results with aggressive ingredients which compromise the skin’s protective barrier and results tend to be short-term.  While Beleza by Z is an American made brand, our philosophy borrows the best holistic beauty concepts and ingredients from around the world, particularly Brazil and Korea.  Because Korean and Brazilian women are super into beauty, our product line uses a Centella Asiatica (Goto Kola) Extract base (Ayurvedic medicine and K-beauty staple ingredient) infused with Brazilian camu camu and maracuja.  This all translates to high quality skin care with more actives and less water content.  
The Amazon rainforest which runs through Brazil is a natural habitat with a wide range of medicinal plants growing in the wild, free of pesticides.  When such plants are infused into our products, they can provide natural and effective results that leave both our company and our consumers with peace of mind.  Not only are our products hygienically and sustainably packaged using 100% recyclable glass, cardboard, and bamboo pump dispensers (to prolong shelf-life and prevent cross contamination from dipping fingers into jar containers) but we're also Leaping Bunny certified, the only internationally recognized certification organization for cruelty-free brands!  All ingredients are purchased from transparent suppliers who adhere to strict social and environmental responsibility policies. 
Finally, our line is developed by a licensed aesthetician with a thorough understanding of the structure and function of skin and cosmetic chemistry, ensuring products that work.  It only makes sense to trust your skin to a skin care professional and not a conglomerate company’s marketing branch. 
Zameera Reyes is a Texas licensed aesthetician and laser technician with 9 years of experience in medical aesthetics.  She specializes in laser skin rejuvenation and hair removal, chemical peeling, microneedling, microdermabrasion, and dermaplaning.  She is also certified in microblading by the Texas Laser Institute.    

"Many outrageous claims and false promises are made in the beauty world.  For example, that you can erase deep wrinkles or lift saggy skin with serums and creams.  You can’t.  However, you can certainly delay and soften fine lines, fade dark spots, and brighten dull skin with the right topical products.  Redness and irritation from inflammatory skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, eczema, or dermatitis is something most of my clients seek to address.  That is why you won't find fragrance or essential oils in our products.  Silicones feel good initially but are often problematic, clogging pores and making the skin appear greasy after a few hours.  I am committed to solving these issues by creating high-quality products which infuse a bit of the Korean or "K-beauty" concept (focuses on a healthy skin barrier for prevention) with some of the Brazilian superfruit ingredients (loaded with antioxidants) into a brand that cares about humanity, animals, sustainability, and keeping jobs in America.  As a seasoned medical aesthetician, I can vouch for the powerful beauty benefits of some botanical extracts such as centella asiatica, camu camu, and maracuja fruit oil in combination with active ingredients in skin care.  You can trust that each of our products is not only safe (made and packaged by us), but also formulated with tried and tested ingredients such as L-ascorbic acid, retinoids, AHA's, BHA's, beta glucan, hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, peptides, and ceramides to beautify your skin."    Zameera Reyes 
Beleza by Z is a small business beauty brand developed from scratch.  Unlike mass produced brands, we call the shots in what goes (and doesn't go) into our formulas, the type of packaging materials, pricing, placement, promotion, and logistics... and it is all handled by us, right here in the USA!