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Why Nude Lipstick Is A Must-Have In Your Makeup Bag

Why Nude Lipstick Is A Must-Have In Your Makeup Bag

If you asked me which makeup product I think every woman should invest in, it would be a good nude lipstick. It works all year round no matter the season, it can easily go from day to evening, and there is a great nude lip color for everyone regardless of skin tone, age or hair color. Best of all, it goes perfectly with one of the top makeup trends for 2023 - the natural no-makeup look. It’s of course a classic look that is always in. It just also happens to be one of the top trends this year. When it comes to beauty, a classic is my favorite type of trend, because it won’t leave you with new makeup products that can only be used for a season.

Though you already know, if you’ve ever tried to achieve the perfect no-makeup look, that ironically it can be much harder to create than it looks. While a sheer balmy no-makeup look can be perfect on vacation or at the beach, for everyday wear and date night, a high-performing nude lipstick is the perfect way to look and feel more put-together and confident when wearing the minimal makeup trend. A nourishing natural vegan formula like the Beleza by Z Non-Toxic Vegan Nude Lipsticks can help you get that look while also keeping your lips smooth, soft and moisturized.


How to Pick the Right Nude Lipstick Shade for Your Skin Tone

I don’t know about you, but before I found the right nude lip color for my lips and skin tone, I’d always thought of nude lipsticks as simply being the typical light-tan nude. It’s way too light for me, so I never bothered looking for my kind of nude shade. Then I found that there are actually many options when it comes to nude lipstick, including those with cool or warm undertones and with a pinkish or brownish tint. And with inclusivity being a continuously growing trend in the beauty industry, there are so many more shade options on the market these days. One of the most flattering and fool-proof ways to wear the trend is to look for a nude lipstick that closely matches your lip color rather than your skin.

First however, it is important to pick a nude lip color that goes best with your undertones. There are several ways to determine your skin’s undertone, but the quickest and easiest way is by looking at your veins. If they look blue or like a purplish blue, then you have cool undertones. If your veins appear more greenish, then you have warm undertones. 


Other 2023 Makeup Trends You Can Pair with a Nude Lip

In addition to the natural-looking makeup trend for 2023, we’re also seeing a lot of color! From bold blush to vibrant pastel eyeshadow, these eye-catching makeup looks pair well with a subtle nude lip. Just be sure to consider the undertones. For example if you look best with a cool-toned nude lip, go with cool tones for the rest of your makeup.

Sharply-drawn colored eyeliner and high-shine highlighters are two additional makeup trends this year that look great when worn with a nude lip color. Though aside from the minimal makeup trend for 2023, more is more this year, so plan on pairing any of these colorful makeup looks with a balmy or glossy nude lip to take things up a notch. If you already have a nude lip but in a matte finish, simply top it with a high-shine lip gloss. For a softer Spring makeup look, you can still incorporate color. For example, try a powdery soft pastel eyeshadow with a satin or matte-finish nude lipstick.

The beautiful brown lip liner trend relies on a lighter nude shade of lipstick to create the look. Whether you reach for a light-tan nude, a brown nude or a pinkish nude, you can get in on the brown lip liner trend. Though if you really want to stay true to the look, go with a nude lipstick that matches most closely with your natural lip color and a brown lip liner that is one to two shades darker than your lipstick. Complete the look with clear shiny lip gloss.

Nude Lipstick As Seen on the 2023 Runways

Thanks to the growing practice of fashion designers collaborating with top makeup artists and the most influential makeup brands, the runways during fashion week are the perfect way to forecast what the biggest makeup trends will be.

At Sandy Liang, some models were given a balletcore makeover, including a no-makeup makeup look by MUA Marcelo Gutierrez. Light and pinkish nude lips were paired with full-coverage foundation, toned-down brows and neutral eyeshadow. Designer Christian Cowan and Swiss fashion house AKRIS on the other hand, had models donning a much more natural no-makeup look, pairing barely-there coverage with glowy hydrated skin and balmy nude lip colors matching closely to each models’ skin tone. 

How to Take the No Makeup Look from Day to Evening

If you’re skilled at wielding a liquid liner, the sexiest and most on-trend way to take the no-makeup look from day to evening is to top off your nude lipstick with a shimmery gloss and use a colored or neutral liquid liner to create a well-defined siren eye. For an easier way to transition from the office to date night, go for a simple version of a smokey eye, using a dark neutral eyeshadow in the crease and outer corner of your eyes. Then top your nude lips with a slick clear gloss.

I hope you’ve found this info helpful and inspiring as you plan your go-to makeup looks this year. Regardless of the season or occasion, no matter your age or skin tone, and whether you’re going bold or playing it safe; a good nude lipstick is definitely a makeup must-have for all!

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