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Our Mission

Beleza by Z is an advocate of beauty, nature, and health. Our mission is to create natural and non-toxic beauty products that don't compromise your health and our environment, while creating awareness of mental health treatment and recovery from substance and emotional abuse.  

Natural beauty brands, fitness, nutrition, and health campaigns preach avoidance of non-toxic cosmetics, sedentary lifestyles, non-GMO foods, drugs, smoking, and alcohol, but rarely preach avoidance of toxic people. When we think of health, we give less thought to how certain situations affect our well-being. Yet removing toxic people from our life may have far greater benefits to both physical and psychological health.

  Mental Health Bandage Image

Why Should We Care About This Cause? 

Over half of all Americans have a personal or family history of substance and/or emotional abuse and can relate to the cascade of mental health problems that arise from it. Substance abuse not only damages the body, but also destroys relationships, and existing toxic relationships contribute to the addiction cycle.

According to research, the link between toxic relationships and health is real! Those who are in unhealthy relationships are at greater risk of developing anxiety, depression, and heart problems, including dying from heart attacks and strokes, than those whose close relationships are positive. 

In an effort to support this cause, Beleza by Z, LLC will donate $1 of each sale towards Houston's nonprofit The Council on Recovery. For more info on treatment and recovery resources visit their website